Wine casino is an educational game - tasting. It is the combination of the spirit of Las Vegas with the world of noble wines.

Sommelier - croupier invites 15 participants to each table, hands out playing chips, carefully covers the bottles and invites guests to taste the first wine "blindly" to make bets.

Depending on the degree of difficulty, the players' bets increase:

- Old and New World x 2
- Grape variety x 3
- Year of production x 3
- Country of production x 4

The opening of each bottle is accompanied by a sommelier story about terroir, history and aroma of this wine.

Connoisseurs have a chance to wreck the jackpot, guessing the country. Between those who scored more chips, there is held an auction for the right to receive prizes.
Prize auction:
The croupier takes 3 envelopes and the players make bets on each lot "blindly."

In envelopes there are:
- Discount on a certificate for an Open Master Class;
- Free photographer when ordering a private event;
- A bottle of wine (prepaid by the Customer).

Participation in the game - 900 rubles / person (min. 15 people);
Wine for the game - 3 500 - 4 000 rub. for a bottle (wine you can choose from a special menu);
1 bottle is enough for 15 people.

We recommend to try 4 wines.

- The price of the whole game for 15 people is 27,500 rubles.
- The cost of participation is 13,500 rubles.
- Wine 14 000 r (4 x 3 500 rub.)
If guests choose Wine Casino program for the whole evening:

19.00 Guests arrive, we serve snacks, the sommelier explains the rules of the game,
19.30 Guests take their seats around the table and play the White Wines round (3 bottles)
20:15 Guests are served the first course (they do not cook), and drink white wine. In parallel, the sommelier explains the rules and nuances of the game "Red wines",
20.45 Guests return to the table and play a round with red wines (3 bottles)
21.30 Guests are served the main course and drink red wine.
22.00 Guests are served dessert, coffee and tea + digestif.
22.30 End of the event

The cost of the evening includes:
- Premium Plus package (3 Premium dishes + Buffet reception + Unlimited bar),
Game and Wine - 8 700 rub / person
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