QuizOn — are emotions
which you get from solving an interesting question
in a relaxed atmosphere of rivalry.
The goal is to answer the maximum number of questions as a team. Everything is solved by logic and ingenuity!
What is QuizOn?
Answers are put down on special forms and are dealt at the end of the tour.
The game is dynamically accompanied by music, and our team creates a friendly atmosphere!
This is a game consisting of several fascinating culinary tours, filled with questions of various formats.
Teams of 10–12 persons
Questions are read out by the moderator and broadcast on the screen. Answers to the team questions are written on special forms.
For each correct answer, teams receive points.
During the event
700 r/person
up to 40 prs.
Players are challenged for 6 rounds on a completely diverse culinary topics -
from tiramisu to gordon ramzi.
Teams that take the first and fourth place get nice presents!
Are you an intellectual, not a professional in cooking? QuizOn is a great way to express yourself.
What Quiz On for?
Adds 30 bonus minutes to your event
Helps Digestion
Adds interaction into your party
Rises team spirit
Identifies leaders
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