New Dishes
Pasta, Ravioli, Lasagna
Stozzapreti with shrimps and porcini mushrooms
Stozzapreti with rabbit and olives
Pasta mista with beans and cherry tomatoes
Tagliatelle with asparagus, bottarga and caviar
Green tagliatelle with crab
Paccheri with pumpkin and shrimps
Ravioli with pumpkin, crab and shrimps
Ravioli with cod, artichokes and olives
Ravioli with tongue
Ravioli with artichokes and guinea fowl ragout
Ravioli with beef cheeks and smoked mozzarella
Ravioli with lamb, truffle and cheese
Beetroot ravioli with goat cheese and pine nuts
Ravioli with duck and orange sauce
Pumpkin ravioli with octopus
Ravioli with ricotta and black truffle
Seafood lasagna
Lasagna with artichokes and buffalo mozarella
Lasagna with chicken liver and ricotta
Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach